Tutorial 10: Magic doors

Magic doors are opened with a combination of spells. Creating a magic door is a really simple process. We are going to create a door which will be opened with three Fire impacts.

Select Geometry/Wood door and right click to add a new door to the map. Then left click on it and edit its configuration parameters. Set the requiresKey field to False and openSequence to FFF. That’s it. Don’t forget to apply the changes.


The openSequence field defines the spells combination to open the door. Use the following codes:

F = Fire, W = Water, D = Wind, E = Earth, T = Ether

So the openSequence field could get values like these:

Fire, Fire, Fire => FFF

Fire, Water, Water, Wind => FWWD

Ether, Fire, Earth => TFE

Water => W

You can define your own combinations. Just don’t use any commas or spaces between the letters.

Now save the changes to test the map.


Try to shoot three fireballs to the door and see if it opens or not đŸ˜‰