Tutorial 11: Triggering doors

Doors can be automatically opened by using triggers. Let’s learn how to do that.

Select Geometry/Wood door and right click to add a door. Left click on it to edit its configuration parameters. Set requiresKey to False and don’t forget to click on Apply to apply changes.

Now let’s add a trigger. Select Helpers/triggerPoint and right click to add it to the map. Place it near the door. When the user touches the trigger, the door will be opened. Left click on the trigger and set the “type” field to “OpenDoor“. Click on Apply to apply the changes.


Now let’s link the trigger to the door. To do that, left click on the trigger and release the mouse button. Now hold down the T key, and left click on the door. This will connect both elements. Note that a green line appears to show they are now connected.

That’s it! Just click on Save to save the changes.

Click on Play to test the map. Walk to the door, where you placed the trigger and see how it opens. Wow, that’s a great automatic door! đŸ˜‰