Tutorial 12: Doors and enemies

Doors can be opened when an enemy is killed by the player (or by an allied creature). To do that, let’s continue from the map we created in the previous tutorial.

Select Npc/NpcSkeleton and right click anywhere to add a new skeleton. The player will have to beat the skeleton to open the door.

Left click on the trigger and set the field “triggeredBy” to “NpcDead“. Click Apply to apply the changes.

Now let’s link the trigger to the skeleton. Left click on the trigger, release the mouse button and then press and hold the B key. While you are holding the B key, left click on the skeleton. That’s it! Now the game knows that the trigger is triggered by the skeleton (in fact it is triggered by the skeleton’s death).

Now you can save and play the map. Kill the skeleton to open the door! đŸ™‚