Tutorial 15: Respawning enemies

Enemies can respawn once they are killed by the player. Just use the “respawns” field to achieve this effect.

  • The “respawns” field can be set to 0 if you don’t want the enemy to respawn.
  • Set it to 1 to make the enemy respawn once.
  • Set it to 2 to make the enemy respawn twice.
  • Set it to 150 to make the enemy respawn 150 times.
  • And so on.

Do you need your enemy to respawn forever? Well, that’s easy, just set the “respawns” field value to -1. That’s it!


Try to create your own skeleton and set the respawns field to -1. Then apply the changes and save the map. Then click play to test the map and see how this skeleton respawns once and again. Wow, amazing!