Tutorial 16: Creating ceilings

Creating ceilings is a really simple task. Start by selecting Geometry/Ceiling04 and right click to add a new ceiling tile to the map.


Left click the ceiling tile and press the keys “+” and “-” to move it up and down. Look at the “Current height” field at the bottom right corner of the screen, as it shows the height of the currently selected element.


Click the button “Toggle perspective” several times to have a better view of the scene in 3D. Middle click and drag to move the camera.

That’s it, you’ve created a ceiling! BUT REMEMBER that all the elements that you add will always be at the same height as the last selected element. So if you add a skeleton now, it will appear floating in the air. Click on the ground before adding any new elements to reset the height parameter.


Now you could add some walls to make it more realistic (ceilings aren’t usually floating in the sky… well, at least in our world). Enjoy! đŸ™‚